Friday, 24 July 2015

The Samaritan launch

So The Samaritan had a pretty solid welcome into the physical world last week.

Once again, Waterstones Argyle Street did a fantastic job of hosting, making sure everyone had a glass of wine, and that almost everyone had a seat. Craig Robertson was on hand this time to do the Q&A, and did an amazing job. Craig's an ex-journalist, so it was my first time being grilled in front of an audience by somebody who used to do it for a living. He went fairly easy on me though, thankfully, except for a devilishly difficult quiz about Los Angeles. I think I might have got about two questions right...

We talked about a lot of things, from Carter Blake's motivations (I think I summed him up as 'a badass with a heart of gold'), the advantages of making your hero an outsider, the long line of authors who inspired me with their own LA thrillers, and the different ways to escape when your hands are bound by zip ties. You learn a lot at these events.

I'd been a little worried about less people coming to my second book launch now that the novelty has worn off a little. Lots of people warned me about Second Book Turnout Syndrome, and Nick Quantrill told me you really find out who your friends are on the second book. But it turned out I needn't have worried - the shop was packed, and I was reminded I have a lot of friends, as well as a few new faces.

And I have a cool poster too...

I have a few more events coming up soon, including Waterstones East Kilbride on 6th August, Waterstones Braehead on the 8th, and I'm back at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on the 21st - check out my events page for all the details.

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