Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Author copies, and the first reviews of Presumed Dead

Author copies! Or, as we call it round these parts, George McFly Day.

I love the cover of Presumed Dead so much - it's easily the best cover I've ever had. Nothing to do with me, other than saying "Yep, that looks just about perfect." 

It's always a thrill to get the pre-publication delivery of a box full of books that you actually wrote, and this time was no exception.

Presumed Dead is published in the UK and associated territories (which means, I think, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland) next week, on April 19th. You can pre-order right now, or if you're going to be near Glasgow on the 18th, there's still tickets for the official book launch.

I've already had some great reviews and blurbs. The excellent Jenny Blackhurst, author of How I Lost You, The Foster Child and other thrillers, all of which you should definitely read, said:

"I absolutely LOVED it, move over Reacher, I have a new favourite hero."

Liz Barnsley is first off the blocks from the blogger scene:

 "It’s quite the rollercoaster ride let me tell you. Add to that small town blues, a suspicious Sheriff, more death, a bit of action and some cliff hanging shenanigans and you are onto a good thing. Then we have perhaps one of the best endings in a thriller novel I’ve come across for AGES. "

Over on Netgalley, Trev T says:

"a fast exciting ride as Blake attempts to be accepted, into this rural community, by a suspicious population and police force who do not welcome the interference of outsiders. It soon becomes clear that a killer is still active and as the body count mounts the lines between the past and present become increasingly blurred. Mason Cross performs the very skilful task of shielding the real killer until the final pages and that disclosure is nothing short of ingenious. "

I'm stoked the book is going down well so far. Can't wait to hear what readers think when it's out for real...

UK trade paperback (large format)
UK audio

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