Sunday, 6 April 2014

Reviews and previews

You can now read a free exclusive extract of the first three chapters of The Killing Season via my publisher's website by clicking here.

Some more great reviews have appeared online, I'm really glad the advance readers seem to be loving it.

There are a few great write-ups of the advance review copies on Goodreads, and some 5-star reviews from veteran reviewers through the Amazon Vine programme. One of the interesting themes I've been picking up from the reviews is that a lot of them didn't think the book was going to be great, or thought it would be just another by-the-numbers thriller, but were pleasantly surprised.

Another thing I'm seeing a lot is that people are blowing through the book in a couple of days, even staying up late to finish it in some cases, like Sara Meredith on her Walking with Angels blog. Seeing that I explicitly set out to write a page-turner, I couldn't ask for better praise.

I'm also honoured to have the book picked as a selected title this month by none other than the legendary Maxim Jakubowski. Maxim is a towering figure in the crime fiction world, and the Mammoth Book of Pulp Fiction he edited introduced a teenage me to a bunch of great classic pulp masters including Westlake, Spillane, Hammett and tons more.

Here's Maxim's thoughts on The Killing Season:

A suspenseful thriller debut introducing Carter Blake, a bullet-proof American hero in the mould of Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne, created by a new British author. Blake is a professional with a shadowy background who, for a price, will locate anyone you want, even more so if they don't wish to be found. Half on signature, half on delivery and always works alone. When an ex-Marine sniper and serial killer breaks out from Death Row, the race is on and the FBI need Carter's help, not knowing that he has crossed the killer's path once already in his past. A breathless race against time ensues with all the gilt-edge thrills and more. Relentless and no holds barred, a guilty pleasure of a read.

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