Thursday, 2 April 2020

Short story - People You May Know

A few years ago, I sent a short story called People You May Know to members of my readers club - I've gotten in the habit of sending out a story to the club on Christmas Eve, and you get another one right away for signing up, so if you haven't done that, you can sign up here.

Recently, it struck me that that particular story is appropriate for this strange time we're all living through, because it deals with someone isolated at home, able to communicate only at distance.

Even before the virus, it was something so woven into the fabric of our lives these days: that we can have conversations with people from all over the world any time we choose, without leaving our living room.

Sometimes, you feel like you know these people you've never met on a deeper level than some of your friends in real life.

What happens if one of them confessed to doing something terrible? What would you do?

That's what this story is about. I hope you enjoy it.

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