Tuesday, 26 November 2019

What She Saw Last Night - blog tour and reviews

Excitingly, I have a blog tour for the first time, ahead of UK paperback publication of What She Saw Last Night on Thursday. It's a mammoth tour with over 40 blogs involved, coordinated by the indefatigable Tracy Fenton of compulsivereaders.com 

The first batch are already up, and I'll be sharing as they're posted. It's fantastic to see so many passionate book bloggers enjoying the book and telling people about it.

There's been a flurry of press reviews too, including...

Heat, who I'm pleased caught the Lady Vanishes influence...

Woman's Way, who called it "A truly original thriller, reminiscent of Hitchcock and Christie." Which I'll definitely take.

The Crack, who said "the author keeps a cracking pace up and this tall tale more or less on the tracks."

...and finally the Morning Star, where Mat Coward accurately calls it "a chase thriller that begins as a locked-room puzzle", and puts me in flattering company with Jessica Eames, Jenny Blackhurst, and The Boss himself:


What She Saw Last Night is out in paperback in the UK this Thursday, but to be honest it'll most likely turn up tomorrow if you order it right now.

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