Wednesday, 8 May 2019

See you at Crimefest?

It's that time of year again, time to head south to sunny Bristol for the annual Crimefest weekend.

If you want to see me (and other, more interesting people), here's where I'll be...

The Plot Thickens: Where DO You Get Your Ideas? | Friday, 13:40 – 14:30
J.P. Delaney
Clare Empson
Laura Shepherd-Robinson
M.B. Vincent
Participating Moderator: Mason Cross

Missing: Characters Who Aren’t There Anymore | Saturday, 12:50 – 13:40
Mason Cross
M.J. Ford
Cara Hunter
S.W. Williams
Participating Moderator: Steve Mosby

The full programme is available here, and as always there's lots of great stuff on.

I've been doing a lot of events for What She Saw Last Night (photos soon) and it seems to be going down pretty well so far. If you haven't got it yet, it's available at the fine establishments below.

If you've already read it and enjoyed it, posting a quick review is always appreciated and is a big help!

Trade paperback (large format)



Jenny Bowen is going home. Boarding the Caledonian Sleeper, all she wants to do is forget about her upcoming divorce and relax on the ten-hour journey through the night.

In her search for her cabin, Jenny helps a panicked woman with a young girl she assumes to be her daughter. Then she finds her compartment and falls straight to sleep.

Waking in the night, Jenny discovers the woman dead in her cabin ... but there's no sign of the little girl. The train company have no record of a child being booked on the train, and CCTV shows the dead woman boarding alone.

The police don't believe Jenny, and soon she tries to put the incident out of her head and tells herself that everyone else is right: she must have imagined the little girl.

But deep down, she knows that isn't the truth...

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