Friday, 15 February 2019

Noireland and Crimefest

On the road!

I'm looking forward to a couple of festivals over the spring. I'll be at Crimefest in Bristol as usual, and delighted to be going to Noireland in Belfast for the first time - hope to see some of you at one of these.

Sunday 10 March | 9:30am

Twenty-First Century Bonds

James Bond has endured as one of the great icons of the thriller genre but how has he influenced modern thrillers and what are the challenges of writing about Secret Service agents for 21st century audiences? James Swallow is the bestselling author of Nomad, whose MI6 agent, Marc Dane, is more comfortable behind the computer than punching bad guys. Asia Mackay’s Secret Service assassin, Lex Tyler, is just returning from maternity leave, determined to prove she’s still up for the job . . . just as long as she can find her Glock under the pile of nappies. And Douglas Lindsay introduces us to DI Ben Westphall, an ex-MI6 agent with a knack for getting into people’s heads. Moderated by Mason Cross.

Tickets and weekend passes available from the festival website

Saturday 11 May | 12:50pm

Missing: Characters Who Aren’t There Anymore

  • Mason Cross
  • M.J. Ford
  • Cara Hunter
  • S.W. Williams
  • Participating Moderator: Steve Mosby
Tickets and weekend passes available from the festival website

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