Saturday, 15 October 2016

Public service announcement: two titles, one book

If you've been wondering why I have two books coming out in the space of six months, the answer is I don't. Unfortunately, I'm just not that fast. The Time to Kill and Winterlong are in fact the same novel.

While it's not the first time one of my books has different titles in different territories... is the first time it's happened between English language editions.

What I really want to avoid is people accidentally buying the book twice, because cover and title aside, they are exactly the same book. Of course, if you're fully aware of that, I have no objection to anyone buying these or indeed any of my books twice.

So in the UK, the third Carter Blake novel is titled The Time to Kill. It's available right now in trade paperback and ebook, and will be published by Orion in mass market paperback on February 9 2017 - you can preorder on Amazon now with the price guarantee.

Over in the USA, my publisher Pegasus loved the original title and have decided to stick with it, so Winterlong will be hitting the shelves on February 7 2017 - again, you can preorder the hardcover edition right now.

The other news is I'm aiming to be in New York City for US publication day, and I'm going to try to get around some American bookstores for the first time. Stay tuned for more details...

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