Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What's in a name?

So the big announcement this week is... Winterlong is no more.

The third Carter Blake book has a brand new title:

What do you think?

The idea originated with my publisher, on the not-unreasonable grounds that The Time to Kill tells you what kind of book this is, in a way that Winterlong doesn't. From a design standpoint, four short words work better than one long one, and I think the look of the cover has improved as a result.

Part of me will always think of this book under the title it's had ever since I came up with the idea three or four years ago, but the new title is growing on me. And it fits the story in a couple of different ways, which is a good thing for a title to do.

But the important thing is, it's the same book, and it's still coming out this summer. You can pre-order in your format of choice here.

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