Friday, 14 August 2015

Reviews and readings

Wow, is it really over two weeks since I last blogged? What have I been doing with my time?

Since last we met, there have been a couple of great new reviews, one online and another one in an actual newspaper.

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph liked it:

"If you love Michael Connelly and Robert Crais thrillers that pack action and nerve-shredding suspense while moving to a cool Los Angeles vibe, you'll rave about this ... Cross - amazingly a Glasgow writer - makes the manhunt so intensely gripping it plays like a Hollywood blockbuster in your head."

Euro Crime posted a fantastic review, saying:

"I was fascinated by the story and once started I just could not put it down. This author who has only published one other book so far, writes with such dexterity and expert plotting that one would think he has many, many titles to his credit. I must try and get hold of his earlier book as I don't think I can wait until next year to read more about Carter Blake. Extremely well recommended."

I'm really pleased that for the most part people seem to be enjoying book 2, and I'm always happy when someone likes it without having read the first one. It can be a tough balance to get right, making sure a book works in the context of a series and in its own right, but so far the feedback is good.

The Daily Record ran a nice feature on The Samaritan as part of their Book Club on Saturday too:

In general, the publicity for The Samaritan is going really, really well. Waterstones have been great as usual, hosting me not just for the launch, but for readings and signings at the East Kilbride store and the brand-new refitted Braehead store as well.

At times, the business of writing a novel can feel like butting your head against a brick wall, so it's actually rather nice to get out and talk to people who are enjoying what you do.



I'm going to be pretty busy over the next few weeks - I have rewrites on the third Blake book to complete, and I'm going to be at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on 21st August with fellow-Orion dude, legal eagle, and all round good guy Steve Cavanagh.

I've decided to simplify things by hosting all events on the main website, so if you'd like to find out more about Edinburgh and where I'm going to be next, best have a look at the events page!

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