Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Samaritan - ebook publication

I've been extremely busy on the next book, Crimefest and some other stuff, all of which I'll blog about soon, but this is just a quick post to say the second Carter Blake book, The Samaritan, is published today as an ebook. I think it's UK-only right now, but happy to be corrected if it's available in any other territories.

This is a new technique I've noticed recently, bringing out the e-version ahead of print. I assume it's a good way of getting advance sales data to gauge print run, and pick up some early reviews. A bit like getting radio airplay ahead of the album release, maybe.

Anyway. If you can't wait for the real book version to be published on July 16th, you can get The Samaritan on your Kindle right now, or as an Audible download. Happy reading!

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