Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Paperback writer

The paperback release of Killing Season seems to be going well, which is great news. Orion has unleashed a brilliant poster campaign at railway stations throughout the UK, and I've had people tweeting me snaps of the poster from all over the place:
Glasgow Central
The Angel Islington (my first Monopoly location!)

Paddington Station
The book has also had fantastic support from Waterstones (particularly, as always, Waterstones Argyle Street who gave me an entire window!)

...and it also seems to be doing well in supermarkets and WH Smith. It's been spotted in the charts at no.3 in Morrisons, no.9 in WH Smith and no.2 in Sainsburys, which is just amazing. It's also a new entry at number 4 on the Bookseller magazine's top 20 fiction heatseekers, which charts which books are being talked about and making a splash.



Waterstones Argyle Street

WH Smith

One thing I've really started to appreciate when checking out various displays is how well the colour and design of the cover really stands out from everything else on the shelves. I definitely owe the sales & marketing and design people at Orion a few drinks for putting together such an attractive product.

People following me on social media are probably heartily sick of me retweeting endless pictures of the poster and the book on the shelves, so I'd like to offer my apologies for that.  I'm ticking all of the ideal fantasy author experience boxes right now, and it feels amazing to see my book everywhere.

So thank you to everyone who has bought a copy, written a review, recommended it to a friend or tweeted me a pic of a poster near them - you all rock. And I promise I'll settle down soon and shut the hell up.

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