Saturday, 6 December 2014

Some early American reviews

My US publisher Pegasus is gearing up for the American release of The Killing Season in February, and some of the early reviews are in. I'm pleased to see the reaction is really positive so far (well, apart from the one guy who wrote an Amazon review holding me personally responsible for setting the Kindle price of the book).

Sam Waas, who knows a thing or two about noir heroes, wrote a great piece on the Over My Dead Body blog:

"an exceptional, intelligent, and fascinating action mystery...unlike the omniscient superhero lone-wolf heroes of similar but less realistic pulp-oriented novels, Carter Blake is very human and fallible"

Booklist posted a very positive review, but unfortunately you need to be a subscriber to read it in full. Which means I could have made the following quote up out of whole cloth, but I didn't. Scout's honor:

"Keeps the pace breakneck, the suspense high, and the body-count higher."

And finally, I'm delighted to have been awarded a coveted starred review by Kirkus:

"Cross provides a gratifyingly high body count, ruthlessly efficient action sequences and all the other thrills you’d expect of the superior popcorn movie you can expect his first novel to spawn."

If any movie studio execs are reading, I'd be completely okay with Killing Season spawning a superior popcorn movie - get in touch here.

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